Monday, October 5, 2009

New things

It's amazing to look back at the past and see all the puzzle pieces fit together. To see the things that I once prayed and silently wished for, now in the future are coming true. Oh to look and see how much The Lord loves and cares for me. How can you not love and praise him? It is so funny to see how fast God can change my mind about something. When I left on my trip to pik. I was in a state of " No, never " towards Clayton, but God sure knows how to get me to change my mind. and now I am getting married. I often find it embarrassing to look back to the past and see my behavior, all that I did that was so naive and stupid. but those things are what shape our character. they make us who we are. that is how we experience the grace of God, and His forgiveness. So we keep going, with the hope that he will catch us again, and put us right back where he wants us.

Monday, June 8, 2009

At The End

I feel as though I am at the end of Military training camp. I have had all the teaching's, lessons, and now I am on the obsticle course. I am getting exausted but full of spiritual growth. I am expariencing many new and vital things. I feel like petter, who said "Jesus I would die for you right now", and then when he comes to a simple test fails because he wasn't spiritualy strong enough. I don't think I have faild, but am realizing that I shoulden't swear so strongly about something I have never exparienced. "Boast not of tomorrow, for you know not of what the day may bring forth." To trust in him is the most important thing to do, especially when you come to trials. I will be home on Sunday the 14th. probably late evening,, see you all then

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I need to update my bog.............

Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing up

I am now 18 and am thinking about that familiar question, " What are you going to do ?" I don't like that question, because I feel compeled to answer. and I know that it it just a conversation starter, but I can't help but dislike it. I don't know what I am going to do, every time I ask God all I get is " Wait and See " so I am waiting. it's hard but not impossible, all I know is that I am to be a light, a fire starter, an encourager, an example. to everyone......everyone I come in contact with. So as to what I 'm going to do, I am going to for Jesus because I am a bond- servant of Christ. I like growing up, I feel older, responsible, and I now have no excuse to live with the full maturity that I have. I am not going to hide behind my age anymore, I am gong to step out and be free, walk in the boldness that has been given to me.
So to all of you who are gettingot that age, don't hide, don't be afraid of your age, or the unknown. Step out, jump off the clif, get out the door. be it says in 1 Timothy 4:12 " Don't let anyone look down on you bacause you are young, but set an example." that is one of my favorite verses, but if you look throughout the Bible it is all over... in Jeremiah Joshua, and Titus and I don't know exactly where else but it is all over. So........what are you going to do?.... If God says you are to do this.. DO IT!!!!! don't put it off untile it is to late. belive me I've done that, it's terrible. don't wait untile you are at asertain point, do it know. and "Fear not for I am with you" he will never leave us nor forsake us. Go walk in the fulness that I have shown you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quite a funny vision

Imagine; a dark room , with dark beings living inside. then you standing there in the middle of the room pointing to the door commanding the beings to leave. next a painter walks in with a bucket and roller of white paint. he starts to paint the room white, and as he gets to one wall with a dark being standing there. The being starts to protest about what the painter is doing. The painter, ignoring the beings protesting, paints right over the top of the dark being and when the being wipes the paint off he is then permanently white.

This vision came to me when I was praying about purity in my mind. I interpreted it as, this is what Jesus does to our heart when we open the door for him to do so. The part where he paints over the being was so funny to me as if Jesus is saying " Well if you won't leave then you must be clean as well " . it was so funny to me the humor of God.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Complete Joy

"Have you ever had complete joy?" before I left Sheridan I had several people tell me that I was going to grow and mature and so on.. So, as my weeks grew on I began to ask God when this would come to pass? and all he told me was that "not till the end" and this frustrated me because I wanted to change daily. So I was feeling down one night and called Levi, knowing that he would convict me and give me a new perspective. as I told him my frustration he told me that he never saw this time as anything great. he saw it as a time of getting to know God, of spending time with just him, of every night getting down on your knees and crying out to him to speak and to examine your heart. to just simply get to know him. He told me " God doesn't need to know you, he already does, and he's not going with you, your going with him, he was already in the care before you. " and this greatly humbled me ( as i knew it would ) and so back to my question " have you ever had complete joy ? , complete peace? " well I do , gong through out my day with complete joy is the most amazing thing that I have ever felt. and how you might ask, how do I get this great joy? well I will tell you..... through getting down on my knees every night and praying to God, Praying for mercy, praying that he would examine my heart and search me for any fault that might be in me. or just sitting with my head down and eyes shut, I listen and soak in the peace that brings all understanding. and when I wake before I start my day I do the same. I get on my knees and pray. the effect that I have is complete satisfied joy and peace. so dear friends i challenge you " do it " !!!! try get down on your knees tonight or morning, pray , pray for blessing, for joy, for forgiveness, for peace ,guidance, and most of all the wisdom to make the choices he wants you to make to day. and our father who is in heaven will hear the prayers of his people and will answer them.

Monday, April 20, 2009


hope all is well with you all, God is good, we started teaching on tuesday and have been learning how each class room needs difrent attention. I am finding that I have alot more compassion than I thought I did. I am also finding that I am growing and being more confident and bold. God is working on my heart and I am doing my best to listen to the holy spirit when he speaks. I personally am praying for a miracle conserning a little fourth grader named Chandler, he has got alot of behaviour isues and nobody wants him in their class. so my prayr is that God will take a hold of his life and he will be changed and become a great example to his generation. even at his age. feel free to join me in that as you feel led. God bless you all, keep us in your prayrs, the spirit up here is so deciving that you could go throughout the entire day without being aware of it.

I was praying last night asking God what things have changed and ha said "not until the end" so I guess I have to wait to see the out come. you know it is almost harder to grow and change when you have had people tell you what is going to happen. because then I am looking out for that to com to pass. I guess I just put things in a box to much, somthing I am working on. sometimes I feel ad thiugh I am never going to change and I am alwayse going to stay the same insecure girl who longs for attention, kinda hopless if you look at it that way aye, but God is good and what he says will happen it will happen, we just need to keep our eyes open to the things of him. and keep our hearts open to his work in out lives. he will never fail to complete the good work he has started. love you all - Danielle-A bond servant of Christ